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Cosmacol EBL C12-15 alkyl benzoate Cas No 68411-27-8

AB C12-15

Cas No 68411-27-8

Skin Care – Highly spreading emollient, gives a light touch feel
Sun Care – Solvent for UV filters
Lip Sticks & Eye Pencils – Highly spreading emollient & dispersing agent
Hair Conditioner – Highly spreading emollient
Hair Sprays – Glossing
Cleansing Lotions – Highly spreading emollient

Cosmacol EBL is a highly spreading multifunctional emollient that provides a very light touch and is particularly suitable for sunscreen and makeup products for its ability to disperse UV filters and pigments. Cosmacol® EBL is a benzoic acid ester of linear and mono-branched C12-15 alcohols.

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