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Silica Cabosil TS720

CABOSIL TS720 fumed silica can help to break these trade-offs by providing sag resistance, anti-settling, anti-corrosive performance,
shelf stability and mechanical reinforcement in epoxy coatings.CAB-O-SIL TS-720 and TS-710 fumed silicas should be considered for use
in highly polar resin systems. TS-720 fumed silica is somewhat easier to TS-720 100 disperse than TS-720 fumed silica, but delivers lower thickening efficiency.CABOSIL TS-720 fumed silica delivers an ideal rheological profile. At low shear, the model epoxy formulation exhibits high viscosity, which prevents
pigment settling and promotes excellent sag resistance. Under high shear conditions, such as mixing, spraying, or rolling, model formulations
incorporating CABOSIL TS-720 fumed silica exhibit low viscosity, facilitating application of the coating.

Silica Cabosil TS720
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