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Lutensol AT 25 C16C18-Fatty alcohol 25 EO

Lutensol AT 25 and Lutensol AT 50 are mainly used as surface-active Lutensol AT 25 Powder binders for solid cleaners and detergents supplied in block form. They are Lutensol AT 25 Flakes very effective emulsifiers for hydrophobic substances such as fatty acids, Lutensol AT 50 E ester-type waxes, monomers for emulsion polymerization and polar Lutensol AT 50 Powder solvents, etc., which normally require surfactants with a high HLB. They Lutensol AT 50 Flakes can be used to stabilize emulsions and to disperse suspended solids in water.

Lutensol AT 25 C16C18-Fatty alcohol  25 EO
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